Ryan Huston of Huston Textile Company



Like myself, a man found by fate or by accident, something rather beautiful. It started with the family. I cannot tell you too much of Ryan Huston’s story. Only tidbits of the time we have shared together and a common interest that we ALL may have with him. 


What I can tell you is that he has come forward with a very compelling presentation of his very belief and backbone, fueled with purpose. 


I am speechless with words, and beyond honored to introduce to you all, his very intent.  Let us all be swept up with great joy to receive Huston Textile Mills first loom state selvaged chambray woven on an antique Draper X-3 in the Golden State of California. 


I would like to argue that this is the first Loomstate Selvaged Chambray produced in California in over 60 years. If anyone has further information that proves otherwise please let me know. I would hate to be a Johnny daydreamer, talking crap all over town.

Listen, This industry has been severely restricted to specific companies and limited the cottage industry to the left-overs, scraps and seconds of large industry manufacturing.  This is time for the small guy to shine. This not only changes the rules of the game. It changes the whole sport and spirit.  Potentially the industry.  

If you are a maker, or a designer, or whatever. It is time for us all to put our "values" to the true test.  Be who you say you are. 


What is YOUR true desire. Who do YOU want to be when you grow up?


This was woven by one man. It honestly does not get any fucking cooler than this. 


With Love, 

Michael Masterson