Spirit Fuel

--- Hi everyone! This is Michael! Forgive the lack of fancy pants photos, ( honestly was never really that great at it). I wanted to send out this email to give everyone a heads up. I am putting a halt to public availability of the goods. I have been asked by several outfits to do private development. They have all made me an offer I cannot refuse. It has been discussed that I would like to continue to do very limited and private releases.

I have made this offer before and it filled fast. Recently 5 slots have opened up as some arrangements have been completed. So this is the final offer for at least two years. If at all ever again. 

I launched a campaign a few months back. It was a success. there are those die hard fans that love the work, and for this I am blessed. So here it is one last time, for a long time.

I understand that this is one hell of a commitment.

The deal includes:

Options of 6 or 12
6 or 12Shirts made by yours truly.
The deal's deal:
1. I will pre-send fabric swatches to everyone on the list via snail mail. Not every shirt is for everyone so you will not be required to take every piece in consecutive order. Communication will be of the highest priority.
2. This does not have to be for just you. So, If you would like to give several units to friends or family that is acceptable so long as the initial purchase is made. If you would also like to have the amount of  pieces made private for Staff/ Holiday gifts etc... or for your special club, we can do that too. It is up to you.
3. Releases will happen approximately every 8-9 weeks. The reason for the length of period is due to complete custom design and manufacture. These "new" releases will be nothing but custom run material. Made here in the Unistat as well as Japan.
4. The average retail for these future releases would normally be within the range of 435.00 to 575.00 USD due to the nature of high dollar custom fabric production. To me it is a steal.
5. 100% Kick Ass guarantee. If you don't like it Ill take it back. Period. No matter what. Then then credit to future. 
6. If you are of a different than average fit, we will work together to make you a custom block. This way we can insure that you know what you are getting, no hidden fee.
7. Artful packaging. I have decided to include various custom art work and fun other stuff in these releases. Limited sort of things that you would never expect. Pranks, Tricks, and Art.
8. Only 10 Guest slots available at a time. This will be the last announcement.

The price of this object of desire is:
United States:  for 12 Pieces USD 3000.00Fed Ex Shipping included with insurance.

United States:  for 6 Pieces USD 1500.00Fed Ex Shipping included with insurance.
Global: for 12 Pieces 3300.00 Fed Ex Shipping included with insurance.
Global for 6 Pieces: 1500.00 Fed Ex Shipping included with insurance.

I am closing the deal on Friday March 31st at Noon Pacific Standard Time. At that time the website will go down to a contact page only for some time.

This is really hard for me to do. I love my work as well as the people that I have come to know as friends from clients.

The last release is shipping this week. If you have ordered the Reprieve Release and would like to partake in this event, send me an email. There is a special price offered.

Bon Voyage

With Love,
Head Janitor